Who We Are

Who We Are

We’re pretty much a big thing. Team Cha0s was born out of the bottom of a keg one night. Several games of Beer Pong, and even more shots Team Cha0s was born. Team Cha0s resides on the Slap-A-Ho Tribe’s reservation at Chokeabitch,Az


Ryan-Chief Redhand- Look, I’m not just a bag of muscles with a painfully big cack… I got some brain to go with my brawn. I’m a recent graduate of the University of Central Florida. I sit down when I wipe, and am currently ISO an experienced/busty cougar that enjoys a good time. Suck it


Medicine Man Mike- Here’s the deal, I’m the best there is. I’ll do anything for a laugh, even if I’m the only one who laughs. i hate mayonnaise and i love cheesecake.  i go to UCF. . sometimes i feel the need to apologize after a bad joke. TEAM CHA0S WE’RE PRETTY GOOD


Chris-The Gather-Recent Graduate of the University of Central Florida. Can be found hanging with friends, procrastinating, and just chilling. Saving the world from commies and those bastard Nazi Zombies.Completely humiliating 10year old kids who think they are awesome at Call of Duty


Diego-Head Hunter- Attended the University of Central Florida. Enjoys verbally bashing children on Halo, lookin hott, and hunting for head. Has a mad laser shot.


Frank-The Ginger (Cause every group needs one) Attends FIT. Enjoys fucking shit up, shaving, watching his friends drink mayonnaise, and eating cheese burgers.


Jesse-Fire Medic to be, taking care of the group. Enjoys swallowing whole hotdogs, pitching tents and riding trains.


Josh- The Defender-Attended the University of North Florida. Enjoys beating small, helpless people at sports and then doing victory dances until they cry. Is usually found roaming playgrounds looking for challengers.


Matt- Attends the University of Central Florida. Enjoys eating, hanging out and causing mayhem.


Spenser-The Manager- Attended the University of Central Florida. Enjoy prowling for cougars and has a permanent blood alcohol level of .07

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